Who am I?

I am a Personal Tattoo Artist based in Winnipeg Manitoba. I am currently working out of my own shop at Gypsy Cat Tattoos. Always a sketch artist, I have been Tattooing since 2009. Since making this a professional career choice, I have dedicated myself to the art form. I take a personal approach in order to connect with my clients. There is no better feeling than knowing someone is going to be happy with their newly acquired artwork for years to come!

Jessica Danilow, Tattoo Artist, Winnipeg Manitoba

The Perfect Tattoo

Thank you considering me for your Tattoo! I enjoy doing Custom Designs, Realism, Neo-Traditional, Bold Patterns, Animals, and Floral work! New to Tattoos? Click the Link Below! OR: If you’re ready, click here to get in contact with me for your consultation 🙂
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Jessica Danilow, Sketch Art, Tattoo Artist, Winnipeg Manitoba


How I Work

First off: to all my loyal clients who show up for their appointments, trust me with their ideas and for allowing me to place my art on their skin; THANK YOU!! 😀

For anyone wondering how I produce the work I do here is how it happens:

  • Consultations are the key to any successful tattoo idea.
    Without knowing where your tattoo will go, what size it will end up being and what kind of detail is required, I will not be able to address your concerns regarding pricing and time. Please do not expect me to quote you via messaging here, on email or instagram. Only a one-on-one consultation will give us all the information needed to proceed with your idea(s).
  • Non-Refundable Deposits are mandatory for any tattoo appointment.

    The deposit goes towards your drawing, and ultimately your tattoo. You MUST call or notify me 72 hours prior to your appointment to reschedule if you want to apply your deposit towards your tattoo. Any less than that will have you losing your deposit. You will have to pay another deposit to be booked in again.

  • Touch ups are part of the process.

    Not all ink stays in the first round. Depending on what we are working on; multiple sessions will be needed for proper color saturation. A setup fee may apply for even the shortest amount of time spent (think about the materials needed to ensure a sterile work space).

So, when you are thinking about a permanent piece of artwork on your body, please take this as serious as I do. I only work with the best clients; who make the effort in getting the results they will be happy with for the life of their tattoo (which is life long).

If you think you’re ready, contact me to get the process started 😀